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            Location: Home > Social Responsibility
            Social responsibility

            Culture and Social Responsibility
                  "Honesty, trustworthiness and strive for excellence" are the spiritual pillars of the company. Through the establishment of the corporate culture, the company has formed a strong team solidarity and a harmonious working atmosphere. Care, respect and trust have created the best human environment for employees.
            Renjian is willing to take on social responsibilities, participate in charities and contribute to helping the impoverished people in the society. Renjian was recognized as one of the "Ten Charity Stars of Cixi city".

            Environmental Protection
                  Environmental protection and energy conservation are the responsibilities of this generation and will benefit the future generations. Along with the rapid development, the company is committed to continuous improvement in environment protection. All the reactors are connected with 3 sets of waste gas treatment system to meet the regulations for the air pollution emission. The waste water is further treated by an advanced centralized wastes treatment system at Ningbo Chemical Industrial Zone to minimize the burden on the environment.

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